about us

The CMA German language center is dedicated to learning and mastering the German language. Located in the heart of Tangier, it offers an environment conducive to linguistic and cultural immersion.

As soon as you walk through the doors of our German language center, you'll be greeted by a friendly and professional team. Classrooms are bright, spacious and equipped with modern technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

Our programs cover all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. Whether you want to learn German for professional or academic reasons, or simply out of a passion for the German language and culture, the language center offers courses to suit your needs and schedule.

Qualified and experienced teachers use interactive and communicative teaching methods to promote the acquisition of language skills. Courses focus on the four essential skills: oral and written comprehension, as well as oral and written expression. Stimulating activities such as group discussions, role-playing and practical exercises enable learners to put their knowledge into practice and gain confidence in their use of the language.

In addition to courses, the German language center offers a wide range of complementary activities to enrich the learners' experience. Cultural outings, lectures, film screenings and meetings with native speakers are organized on a regular basis, offering unique opportunities to explore German culture in an authentic way.

The German language center also boasts a well-stocked library with a variety of teaching resources, from German novels to grammar and vocabulary textbooks, enabling learners to continue their learning outside of class hours.

In short, the German language center is a stimulating and inspiring place where learners can develop their language skills, broaden their cultural horizons and feel immersed in the German language. Whether you're a student, professional or traveler wishing to discover the richness of the German language, the language center offers an environment conducive to your linguistic success.